What should be done before Check-Up?

Coming to the Check-Up Programme prepared in accordance with the information below will ensure that your procedures are completed in a shorter time and more reliable results are obtained.

Please make an appointment before coming to Check-Up.

Check-Up starts in the early hours so that your examinations and examinations are finalised during the day.

If you have Laboratory / Radiology results made before (last 6 months), please bring them.

On the appointment day, come on an empty stomach in the morning without eating or drinking anything (8 - 12 hours of fasting is sufficient)

Please do not smoke when coming to the check-up.

Please bring the names and dosages of the medications you are taking with you.

The day before the check-up, please avoid anything that causes gas (alcoholic beverages, raw vegetables, etc.).

For women, it is recommended that the Check-Up does not coincide with mentation (menstruation) days.

For appointment and information; You can call our Call Centre at 0.332 221 44 44.

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