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Konya Farabi Hospital started to accept patients on 30 July 2009 in order to respond to the increasing needs of our society in the field of health. Farabi Hospital, which was put into service by being equipped with modern and contemporary technologies under the management of Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Cevat ÖZPINAR, aims to provide health services at world standards. Farabi Hospital, which provides treatment to its patients in the comfort of a 5-star hotel, far away from the known hospital environment by bringing a different dimension to the health sector, has a very distinguished physician staff who are known not only in Konya and its surrounding provinces but also all over our country.

Our hospital, Orthopedics and Traumatology Prof. Dr. Mehmet ARAZİ in Traumatology, Cardiovascular Surgery Assoc. Dr Ufuk ÖZERGİN in Cardiovascular Surgery, especially with each other's valuable doctors. Farabi Hospital, which provides healing to patients from the city, out of the city and abroad with its successful health service in a short time, has gained the appreciation of all circles with its human-oriented approach.

The patient rooms are designed in the comfort of a five-star hotel, taking into account the needs and expectations of patients and their relatives with internet, satellite LCD television, telephone with international output, mini fridge, private bathroom, comfortable companion chair and timed nurse call system. Farabi Hospital, designed as a "smart building" based on the principle of "human first", has prepared an environment where patients and their relatives will feel good with its 120 patient beds, 29 outpatient clinics, 4 operating theatres equipped with superior technologies, one of which is cardiovascular surgery, and newborn intensive care service.

Our hospital has a high-tech laboratory and analysis unit where all examinations can be performed. In our imaging centre equipped with Siemens radiology systems using state-of-the-art technologies, devices such as MRI, tomography, coronary angiography, mammography, direct x-ray, four-dimensional ultrasonography, etc. are used in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Farabi Hospital, which prepares a spacious environment for patients and their relatives with its 10,500 square metre closed area, 200 car parking spaces and recreation parks, is located 100 metres away from the campus road water tank tram stop. We are aware of our responsibilities, we are working to fulfil everything that needs to be done for our society to receive better quality health care.

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