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In 1 Hour We Promise a New Life Without Smoking

Although the numbers are increasing day by day, more than 1 billion people in the world and more than 20 million people in our country smoke.  And millions of people die from smoking addiction every year in the world. On the way to death, our patients are left alone with numerous health problems. When we consider these effects, smoking has become a public health problem day by day. The damage of cigarettes to both your health and your economy is obvious. After the recent hikes, it has started to create an even greater economic burden. Smoking affects people in 2 dimensions as nicotine addiction and psychological addiction. The most difficult issue for people who say that they cannot quit smoking is usually the feelings of deprivation due to nicotine addiction during the period when they do not smoke. These feelings are symptoms such as anger, tension, stress. Thanks to the bioresonance device, we can cure nicotine addiction without feelings of nervous stress and tension in a single session with electromagnetic frequencies. We also deal with the psychological addiction dimension with the psychotherapies we apply simultaneously with the treatment and offer patients the ease and comfort of quitting smoking in a single session. With the BICOM Bioresonance device approved by the Ministry of Health, we welcome all smokers to this painless, painless, drug-free and side-effect-free one-hour treatment.

The patient's cigarettes and ashes are loaded into the bioresonance device with the help of a capsule and the device receives frequency information from both the electrodes placed on the patient's body and the cigarette in this capsule. This frequency information is converted to the opposite frequency with the help of the device within 1 hour and uploaded to the patient again. When two opposite frequencies meet, they are neutralised. In other words, when +1 and -1 meet, the result is zero. Thanks to this new reverse frequency uploaded to the patient, the nicotine information in the patient's body is reset and nicotine addiction ends in a single session.

Bioresonance therapy takes an average of 1 hour. While our patients are receiving Bioresonance therapy, the rules to be followed in the cessation process and some methods of overcoming psychological addiction are explained by the psychologist simultaneously.

During the therapy, a magnetic chip and water programmed in the device are given to the patient. Thanks to this chip and water, our patients feel the effect of the therapy after the treatment and the process is more comfortable.

So is there any harm? The frequencies emitted from the bioresonance device are one thousandth of the frequency emitted from a mobile phone. In other words, there are no side effects.

The advantage of the device over nicotine patch and nicotine gum is that it does not give any additional nicotine to the body during treatment. Thanks to this treatment, you can get rid of this addiction without experiencing nerves, stress and tension.

Without further delay, let us help you quit smoking in 1 hour.

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