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Radiology department is a branch of medicine based on the imaging of the human body with technological devices working with various physical methods.

Engineering, computer and electronic developments cause the radiology department to develop very rapidly every day, and now the human body can be visualised in every aspect.

In our hospital, we are proud to provide the highest quality service to our patients with our device park consisting of the latest technology devices.

In our department, we provide service with Open MR, multislice computed tomography, colour doppler ultrasound, mammography and X-ray devices.

With Open MR, we can easily perform examinations in patients who are afraid of being closed, and their problems such as not being able to have their examinations done due to fear of being closed are eliminated.

All kinds of examinations are performed with our multi-section tomography devices. Thin and fast sections are obtained.

Ultrasound examinations and colour doppler examinations are performed with our colour doppler ultrasound devices. In addition, thanks to the 4-dimensional feature in our colour doppler device, 4-dimensional usg examinations are performed in pregnant women. Obstetric detailed evaluation is performed. Ideally, fetal anomaly screening is performed in examinations performed between 20-24 weeks.

The images obtained with CR from our mammography and X-ray devices are transferred to the digital media PACS system.

Thanks to the PACS system in our hospital, MRI, CT and X-ray images are archived in digital environment. In this way, old and new examinations are compared in the control examinations of our patients.

Computerised tomography and MRI images can be examined via remote connection over the internet. In this way, 24-hour service is provided to our patients who apply to the emergency service.

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