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Private Konya Farabi Hospital, which provides a suitable environment with great care and experience for our children, our most valuable assets, provides medical care covering all paediatric problems in the 0-16 age groups in the Department of Paediatric Patients, as well as general examination, growth, development and nutrition follow-up and vaccination applications are also performed in healthy children.

In our department, monthly observations are made for the protection and development of children's health. This includes breastfeeding counselling, growth monitoring, immunisations and screenings, and necessary family education.

The families of our paediatric patients who need inpatient treatment are organised with their families.

In our emergency department, our consultant physicians can intervene in our paediatric patients when needed by our specialist physicians.

Features of the Neonatal Intensive Care Service and the care provided

In our clinic for healthy newborn babies, besides baby and breastfeeding nurses, mothers are trained in the use of breastfeeding, baby care and breast milk.

In our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, we prepare our babies for life as healthy as their normal-born peers by improving them with up-to-date neonatal intensive care principles.

In our neonatal unit, breathing and circulatory support of babies born prematurely and with problems are provided at the highest level with a total of 7 incubators.

Services that can be performed in the unit:

Respiratory support (ventilator treatment)


blood change

Phototherapy (light therapy)

Our unit also accepts babies from other hospitals. Transport (transport) can be provided for sick babies taken from other hospitals. The transport team is available 24 hours a day.

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Uzm. Dr. Ülker YİĞİT AKSOY

Child Health and Diseases Specialist

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Uzm. Dr. Nesibe KOÇ AYDOĞDU

Child Health and Diseases Specialist

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