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Adequate and balanced nutrition is essential for the body to grow and develop, to work efficiently and to be resistant to external factors and diseases. Our food choices significantly affect our quality of life and health level.

Studies have shown that many diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, blood pressure, digestive system diseases, malnutrition diseases and cancer are caused by improper nutrition practices.

For this reason, our aim in our hospital's diet and nutrition outpatient clinic is to provide our clients with the right eating habits with personalised nutrition programmes.



Medical nutrition therapies for many diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, high cholesterol

Weight gain programmes

Childhood obesity

Sports nutrition

Individual nutrition programmes are created and nutrition trainings are provided on nutrition during pregnancy and lactation.

With the state-of-the-art Body Composition Analysis device, light electrical current is passed through the hands and feet;

The amount of fat and its distribution in the body,

Percent oil,

The amount of lean tissue,

Skeletal muscle weight and their distribution in the body,

Waist-to-hip ratio,

Body water content,

Basal metabolic rate,

Body mass index,

Measurement of normal values according to age, gender, weight and height is performed.

After the body composition analysis, an individual-specific diet programme is created by taking into account the laboratory findings, eating habits, food choices, physical activity and lifestyle of the individual.

The diets of our inpatients are planned by our dietician in line with the patient's disease status, energy and nutrient needs. Food prepared in a hygienic environment is served under hygienic conditions.

All food and beverages coming to our hospital are purchased in accordance with quality management. After menu planning, all meals are meticulously prepared under hygienic conditions and in accordance with the patient's diet.

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