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In our physiotherapy and rehabilitation unit, which consists of examination rooms, physiotherapy and exercise rooms and equipped with the latest system devices, our experienced specialist physicians Uzm. Dr. Osman TÜFEKCİ and Spc. Dr. O. Cem TÜRELİ, physiotherapists and technicians, we serve with the aim of maximising the quality of life of our patients.




In our centre equipped with modern devices, all kinds of physiotherapy applications are performed by competent healthcare professionals and physiotherapy technicians. A physiotherapy session lasts 1 hour and is applied for 14-21 sessions depending on the patient's condition.


In our physiotherapy unit, neck (hernia, calcification), shoulder, chest wall pain, elbow, wrist, hand, back, waist (hernia, calcification, lumbar slippage according to the degree), coccyx pain, hip knee, foot and ankle pain are treated. In addition, rheumatic diseases such as fibromyalgia, soft tissue rheumatism (tendinitis, bursitis), rheumatoid arthritis (inflammatory joint rheumatism), joint rheumatism in children, ankylosing spondylitis are treated.


In addition, different physical therapy methods such as manipulation and mobilisation are applied to patients by our team when necessary. When necessary, intra-articular and around the joint and painful area injections are performed by our specialist doctors.




In our treatment unit

Plantar fasciitis (heel spur), lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow), medial epicondylitis (golfer's elbow) are treated with a device called ESWT. An ESWT session lasts 2-5 minutes and is completed in 5 sessions.





With the "Kinesiotherapy" method developed by Japanese scientists, sudden muscle stiffness, chronic muscle stiffness, posture disorders, nerve compression are largely treated in a 5-day treatment period without using medication. In this treatment method, special tapes called kinesiotape are glued to the area determined by the doctor by the trained health personnel. After the tapes are glued, they remain in the applied area for 3-7 days, and several sessions can be applied.




In our treatment unit, where treatment services are provided with the latest system devices, rehabilitation applications are carried out by skilled physiotherapists led by physicians. One rehabilitation session lasts 1 hour, and a treatment programme lasting 15-30 sessions is applied depending on the nature of the disease and the patient's condition.


Cerebal palsy (children with spastic disabilities), spinal cord injury, hemiplegia, (half paralysis), facial paralysis, multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson, muscle diseases, sports injuries, after all kinds of orthopedic operations (meniscus, prosthesis, knee ligament injuries, fractures, dislocations), muscle nerve and tendon injuries after hand injuries, nerve injuries in the curved neck and arm seen in newborn babies, after burns, scoliosis (spinal curvatures) and many other diseases are rehabilitated. Neurogenic bowel, neurogenic bladder rehabilitation, post-pregnancy rehabilitation and sexual rehabilitation are also applied in our rehabilitation unit.

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