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Today, Brain and Nerve Surgery is accepted as a branch of medicine with increasing importance all over the world. The basic elements of success in this field are the knowledge and technology of the physician. In addition, cooperation between branches and continuous self-renewal are also of great importance.

Our Brain and Nerve Surgery Unit provides its services with a great success rate in parallel with the developments in the world, with its advanced technological equipment, specialist physicians and technical personnel under its management.


Surgery has an important place in the treatment of waist and neck hernia. However, hernia surgeries are still viewed with fear, a habit left over from the negative effects of bad examples from the past. In recent years, great success has been achieved in surgeries performed with increasing technological developments. The most important of these technological developments is the operating microscope. In this sense, back and neck surgeries in our hospital are performed with microdiscectomy (closed method), which is one of the newest methods of our time.

No sewing

less bleeding

You stand up after 6 hours

You will be discharged the next day

The risk of infection was minimal

The recurrence rate of your disease is less

Our siemens brand multislice tomography, open MR devices, radiology unit, intensive care unit and modern operating rooms, which provide a great advantage to our specialist physician in the pre-surgical period in both brain and spinal diseases surgery, are kept ready for service 24 hours a day.

We can list some of the diseases treated and operated in the Neurosurgery Unit as follows.

Spine slips and fractures,

Celebral hemorrhage,

brain tumors,

Many congenital anomalies,

Injury and Infections

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