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Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetics

In our Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery outpatient clinic; the elimination of congenital or acquired deformities, treatment of problems affecting the body surface, under the skin and bones are carried out.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery; (New construction, repair surgery) is a surgical branch that tries to eliminate congenital or acquired anomalies, shape and function disorders and to correct body image. Applications to damaged body parts that develop as a result of congenital abnormalities, developmental disorders, accidental injuries, infections, tumours (benign and malignant tumours) and other diseases fall within the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Aesthetic (or cosmetic) Surgery; It deals with operations and interventions to ensure that the body image is more beautiful and perfect. Aesthetic nose surgeries, scoop ear surgeries, eyebrow lift, eye aesthetics, eyelid aesthetics, breast reduction-enhancement-lift surgeries, tummy tuck and liposuction surgeries are the most common aesthetic surgical interventions. It can be said that the surgeon's knowledge, skills and experience are very important in the success of the operations. Analysing the area to be operated on well, explaining what can be done to the patient, and realistic and full understanding of the patient's expectations are essential for a successful surgery.

Plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgery in our country continues its scientific development at a great pace and has become one of the few centres in the world. In this sense, many patients from all over the world receive treatment in our country.

Some of the applications performed in our clinic are as follows

Facial deformities-asymmetries, linear masses, facial clefts

Cleft lip and palate

Deformities, irregularities, deficiencies of the jaw, face and head bones

prominent ear and other ear abnormalities

Treatment of moles, warts and skin lesions

bone and soft tissue traumas of the face

bone fractures and deformities caused by traffic accidents, tumours and other causes

breast absence, asymmetry and excess breast tissue

repairs of genital and severed organs

Hand surgery

deficiencies in the hands and feet

nerve compression disorders

skin and soft tissue tumours

burns and subsequent damage

skin and subcutaneous wounds caused by various infections, radiation and other effects

chronic wounds

Correction of facial paralysis and subsequent deformities

Surgical treatment of droopy eyelid

aesthetic and functional nose correction

breast augmentation, reduction, lift

male breast reduction (gynaecomastia)

tummy tuck operations (abdominoplasty)

fat removal surgery (liposuction)

face lift surgeries (face lift)

eyebrow lift surgeries

eyelid aesthetics (blepharoplasty)

removal of tattoo scars

Stretching operations on the arm and leg

contour correction of arms, legs and buttocks

correction of scars

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Prof. Dr. Zeynep ALTUNTAŞ

Plastik, Rekonstrüktif ve Estetik Cerrahi Uzmanı

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