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It is known that one of the main causes of death in the world and in our country is cardiovascular diseases. In this direction, our hospital provides services in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases with modern technical equipment and our experienced team of experts.

Risks in people with cardiovascular disease

1.Age: Men over 45 years old, women over 55 years old or premature menopause

Gender 2: More common in men

3. Family history: Presence of cardiovascular disease, heart attack (infarction) or sudden death in first-degree male relatives before 55 years of age and in first-degree female relatives before 65 years of age

4. Being a smoker

5. Hypertension (140/90 mmHg or more or being treated for hypertension)

6. Good cholesterol (HDL cholesterol) lower than 40 mg/dl Bad cholesterol: High LDL-cholesterol).

7. Inactivity: You should set aside time for exercise at least 3 days a week and at least 30 minutes a day (brisk walking, swimming, cycling, dancing, gardening.)

8. Diabetes (diabetes mellitus)

9. Obesity.

10. Stress and Depression

As in all departments of our hospital, we aim to offer the latest treatment methods to our patients in our Cardiology Department. Angiography, which provides the most accurate diagnosis in heart diseases in our hospital, is performed not from the groin, but from the wrist, which is the newest method, although it varies according to the vascular structure of the patient. Radial (wrist) angiography procedure, which can be applied in only a few centers in our country, lasts only 10 minutes and can be discharged after 3 hours, has been performed thousands of times in our hospital, resulting in equality in the most developed centers of the world.

We can list the differences between radial (wrist angiography) method and inguinal angiography as follows.

Methods to help diagnose heart diseases other than angiography

Rhythm Holter (24 Hour heart rhythm recorder) – EFFORT Test

ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY (Heart ultrasound – ECO) – Temporary and permanent pacemaker

Blood Pressure Holter (24 hour blood pressure monitor)- EGK

Balloon and Stent procedures

Our aim; to protect you from heart diseases, to stop, treat and even reverse your disease if it has occurred.

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