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Gynecology and Obstetrics

Private Konya Farabi Hospital aims to provide world-class service in Gynaecology and Obstetrics Clinic as in all fields.

Our department, which closely monitors and implements every development in the medical world in its field, provides services with all the possibilities of modern medicine in the solution of problems related to gynaecology, pregnancy, pre-natal and birth.

The labour room where the prenatal preparations of our patients are made, our delivery room and our neonatal intensive care unit, which is located on the same floor in a few private hospitals in our country with a capacity of 11 cots that can respond quickly to the problems that may occur in the baby after birth. In this way, both mother-baby health is secured and patient privacy is carefully taken into consideration by eliminating the problem of treatment on different floors before and after birth.

Apart from our spacious and sterile delivery rooms, caesarean section is performed meticulously by our expert physician staff in our operating theatre equipped with the most advanced technology.

Babies, the most valuable asset of your family, receive meticulous care from the first moment of life by our experienced team as soon as they are born. During your stay in our hospital, the trainings to be given by our nurses and your physician will minimise the problems that may be experienced regarding baby and maternal health when you return home.

In the gynaecology and obstetrics department of our hospital, services are provided by applying the latest methods and technology in many areas such as general women's health, pregnancy process and post-pregnancy follow-up, monitoring of risky pregnancies, menopause process and post-menopausal diseases, inflammatory conditions of the female reproductive organs, cancers of the female organs, assisted reproductive techniques.

Pregnancy examination and follow-up

Routine ultrasanography

Especially normal birth

Endometrial biopsy


Menopause and postmenopausal diseases

Cancers of the female organs

Medical treatment or surgical procedures for diseases of the female genital organs

Vaccination (insemination)

Taking a cervical smear

Caesarean section if necessary

Family Planning Education and Services

Evacuation for medical reasons

Intrauterine device (spiral) application (for treatment purposes)

Sexually transmitted diseases and treatment

Cervical cauterisation and cryotherapy

Infertility treatments, Loperoscopy, Hysteroscopy

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Branches Doctors

Op. Dr. Mehmet BARDAKÇI

Kadın Hastalıkları ve Doğum Uzmanı

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Op. Dr. Refika SELİMOĞLU

Kadın Hastalıkları ve Doğum Uzmanı

Doctor Profile

Op. Dr. Fatih YAĞBASAN

Kadın Hastalıkları ve Doğum Uzmanı

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