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The 21st century technology plasma kinetic (vaporisation), which is used by very few private and public hospitals in Turkey in the treatment of prostate, is applied with a very high success rate in our hospital.

In this way, our patients can regain their health in a short time without compromising their comfort. In addition, bladder stones (the canal that carries urine from the kidneys) stones and kidney stones are all broken with holmium laser, one of the latest technologies, by closed method.

Advantages of prostate surgeries performed with plasma kinetic (vaporisation) technology.

The tissue removed during the operation is sent to pathology (tissue examination) and possible cancers are determined in this way.

The patient is discharged from the hospital within one or two days. The duration of the probe is shorter than other methods.

There is no loss of male power and the patient can continue his private life at the same standard.

It is one of the methods with the lowest probability of urinary incontinence after surgery.

It can be applied to any type of prostate. Since it is applied with saline, the size of the prostate is not an obstacle.

The operation time is shorter and the risk of bleeding is less.

It can be applied with spinal anaesthesia. Therefore, it can be applied in patients with heart and lung problems.

It can be used safely with holmium laser in patients with bladder stones.

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